02 August 2012

Local News

H er face is far away
and darker than the dust
the fallow dust that covers it
like the chaulk on a bell of chocolate
tears slowly doze
doze down her high cheekbones
they break upon diamonds
those soft brown diamonds embossed in her skin

the captioned reporter
nibbles white words from a blue field
a spangled field that remembers
that considers my red eyes and covers
the nudes the news
this is su dan
yesterday she had five children (sic)
today she has four
tomorrow we’ll have more
from this drought-stricken and barren land

the camera zooms in and stoops
she could have entertained the troops
raise her in heels and a lime swimsuit
shoo the flies dancing by
drinking from
washing on
wringing in the wadi of
the parting of her lips

i wad up the silver foil
from a milk-chocked kiss and toss
it into the fire to watch
its fuse (the blue on white sash of some
bathing beauty/virguled virgin)
ignite in the orange coals
it’s after
i extinguish the news by remote control

Chocolate bloom

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