05 May 2013

Flight of Freighter Bird

           Plump Robin
o, you swag
so, when you fly

each down-beating
of your wings
up brings a crest

and then the trough
― when wings come up ―
         of waving sine

           O yes, your flight’s
a fancied garland
unwound from yonder

tree ― stretched out
but still
such rolling

as a string
of pinned-up tinsel
         penciled ’cross the scene

           In a dream
― I shan’t say whose ―
upside down

someone dreamed
you flew
O, winsome swimmer

your lantern breast
bobbing ― a constant
         crest ―

           O, Plump Robin
o, how you flew


  1. Some nice lines here Bobby. Like the shape of the poem, too.

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      Thank you for your kind comment. Re-working the middle (garland/tinsel) section - have done about 30 rewrites thus far! Hope to re-post by end of week.


  2. I like that third stanza very much.

    "o, you swag/ so" - there's some lovely music here. Sense of something stolen or grabbed at underlining the key notes.

  3. Hey W.B.

    Thanks for your generous comments. Yes, there is an undercurrent - I suppose - (for wont of a better term) that plays with and against the almost childlike address to "Plump Robin."

    Hope all are well on your end,