04 November 2012

Hollywood Stock

a perfect fox at 3 o'clock
right out of central casting, hollywood stock
his bearing and his body
and especially his hair
as warren zevon would sing, was perfect

there were no signs of sleeping
in the dirt or a lack of nourishing
diet his coat was lush and the colour of
melted brown sugar and honey
with burnt orange highlights

his tail was full and not wispy at all
it was rounded at the tip
kind of like a moderately-used pencil eraser or
the half round of a snow cone, pre-juiced,
so perfectly white

he walked - there was no trot nor hurry at all
and certainly no slinking
his head was up and level
and he just moved straight ahead,
parallel with the road, about ten feet from the sidewalk

like a confident executive going to a meeting,
but knowing if he happened to be a tad late
everyone would be waiting
on him


  1. Perfect imagery work going on here! And lovely action. Nice metaphor at the end there.

    1. Hey Amber,
      Thanks for your kind comment. Hope all is well on your end. It was good to see "my" fox looking vibrant after the fierce storms up here.