23 March 2013

How this poem ends

Maybe with something pithy
or witty (they’re not the same)

Or, something coolly ironic ―
a twist, a pun, some Famous Name

Perchance, some learnèd allusion
containing a multitude

of meanings. Or just a safe & simple
platitude ― on loving and/or grieving

Could be something s)edgy or (exy
or shocking ― if (at all) possible ―

But there’s nothing new sub-sun
so that may present a problem

and even look a little desperate,
or just plain ol’ ill-informed

So how will it ― should it ― end, this poem?
Maybe in the beginning, where the stars were born


  1. LOVE IT! Language play abounds. I think it's in our blood, Bobby.

  2. Hey Amber,
    Thanks for the kind comment. Glad you liked it! Methinks so, too.
    Poems about poems ("ars poetica") can easily turn into slush - hope this one avoids that pit. And maybe it's not really a poem about poems anyway!