18 December 2012

Fallen Deer: A Parable

This is their field
for falling

just beyond

that strange black river
with those long

yellow fish.
And since

they were built (all legs and lungs)
for running,

they continued to run
from memory

(even after
those moving moons

and that brighter lightning struck
their ribs, their flanks).

They are now like wheelbarrows
abandoned from behind

and so they finally fall (and for the last time)
just beyond the black water, after clearing

the ditch.
And since

the mowers could not
(or would not) mow over

the bones,
the scrub

cedars are left
to grow.


  1. "They are now like wheelbarrows/ abandoned from behind"

    Something very touching in the helplessness of this. The fear, the itch for all of us; that we're pushed - we don't take ourselves anywhere.

    1. WB,
      Thanks for your comment - as it turns out, I almost deleted this element - wondering if it was too out of place - but it kept forcing itself in as the apt description of the carstruck deer, its rear legs crippled and the creature mortally wounded, struggling toward its final falling down.

      Thanks for thinking about the parabolic implications of this...