14 December 2012

Poem for Friday

the heart is
a lonely hunter
except the times

when it isn’t
and that’s all
the time the heart

want to hunt it
wants to be pursued
tracked sniffed heard hounded held
seduced sundered soothed

I’ll grant you lonely
as the adjective
but the noun
is nonsense


  1. Love. Love the voice here, of the first, second and last stanzas, and how the third stanza provides a counterpoint to those surrounding - the listing, the rush of words is nice.

  2. Amber,
    Wow! What a great and attuned reader you are. In the 3rd stanza the speaker begins to "act out" the longing of the heart in the quickened streamlet of words from "pursued" to "soothed." And then, in the final stanza, the speaker regathers himself/herself and plays the part of analytic one again. Thanks so much for your confirmatory comment - I was wondering if I had totally blown conveying this...