20 June 2012



For someone who sometimes
waits for a stop sign. to turn. green.
This was just too much. Don’t turn 
left. Don’t turn right. Can't go straight.

I already had six points on my license
so there was only one thing to do.
I abandoned my car. and my keys.
and walked.

I then started dropping everything that started with a “w."
It wasn’t littering I don’t think. 
I put things where others could find them and in alphabetical order.
Far more predictable than the periodic table.

Wallet. Walkman. Watch.
Wave-particle duality workbook.
Woolly mammoth sports jacket.   
And that was that.

I kept my wants, my wunderwear, and my woks and woos.

The streetlights got further and further apart.
After awhile it turned cold and dark
and I found a path that led across a rock wall.   
I clambered my best clamber and saw the tracks. 
The train tracks dressed as a ladder.
A ladder girded by angels. 
Angels dressed as bridges.

I’m not coming back.

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