24 October 2012

Sex Trafficker in Vegas

       Welcome to our casino. Is this your retinue?
       - No. This is my bankroll.
       They have names?
       - No. But they do have denominations.
       Hah hah! That's a good one, sir. Busboy!

just crawl up on the table honey take
off your nice shoes dice are out hands high snake
eyes next shooter the point is five little
phoebe pay the player ballerina

point is now four no more bets seven out
pay the don’ts pass the dice the point is now
ten any wagers on a woman’s best
friend no roll roll again place your bets

could we speak with you sir we think you should
convert your girls to chips maybe it would
be fairer don’t you think for all of the players
no offense but we were just observing
since the dice are getting caught up in all
their clothing yes yes very nice and rarely reaching the back wall

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