26 October 2012

The Narrow Way

The narrow way
is not a crack
in the garden wall

The narrow way
is not a path
through the wilderness

The narrow way
is not a tightrope
across a great divide

The narrow way
my friend is this
The narrow way

is through the crowd
through the crashing waves
through the onrushing mob

The narrow way is squeezing your shoulders through
that second birth canal
the crowd going the opposite way


  1. Again, here your last three lines really hit! I love the idea of a "second birth canal," and particularly the linking of the concept of a birth canal, or going through it, equivalent to going through a crowd the opposite way - immediately brings the reader into the sense of frustration.

    1. Hey Amber,
      Thanks for your kind and attentive comment. This poem has been in the works since January 2008. Finally settled on the birth canal idea last night.