14 October 2012

this breathing is

this breathing is indeed a giddy thing,
the in and the out and the in again
of aromatic air from far forests,
cedars of Solomon plunged upside down

into our lungs, their essence easily
besieging the barricades and storming
into our blood, and then, returning in
victorious parade, clear and untinged.

forehead to forehead and then knees to knees,
our backs bent against the extremities
of the day, we breathe into the secret vat
we have made, where we pour in and draw out,
you giving yours and taking away mine,
as we drink and we sigh a new Cana wine.


  1. This is lovely. Still digesting, but some lovely phrasing here, and some nice sounds.

    1. Hey Amber,
      Thanks for your kind comment. Been working on this one for about 2 weeks - tons of handwritten notes on scraps of paper, emails to myself, and more formal docs.

      The idea, though, of two lovers facing one another, lying on their sides, creating a space of breathing between them - where they "drink" a new wine - that was the engendering notion that demanded its say.