10 July 2012

Daddy's Sweater

T his is my daddy’s sweater
it zips up with a bronze talon zipper
it’s an army green but never been in the army sweater

this is the patch on my daddy’s sweater
it doesn’t match, it’s a ladybug patch sewn over
the first one which was denim, which i thought was better

this is a wood-splitting, which we did, sweater
a walk in the woods, which we never took, sweater
this is a waffle woven giant hole at the wrist sweater

this is a holy sweater, since it makes me pray all year sweater
this is a walk with your daughter you fool sweater
a praying all year for cool autumn weather sweater


  1. Cool poem. Liked how you moved from "waffle woven giant hole at the wrist" to "holy sweater." A childlike move, even as the narrator is taking on the role of "daddy". Well done.

    1. Anon,
      Thanks for dropping by and for your insightful comment. There is a pull from the past and from the future.

      There are the things done (wood-splitting) and the things left undone (the walk in the woods). Patches, and patches redone (the ladybug over the denim) and no repairs at all (the hole at the sleeve).

      Thanks again for your careful reading and I hope you stop by often.


  2. Thank you for telling me about your daddy's sweater. I agree with Anon, it is a very cool poem.

    This line, "a walk in the woods, which we never took, sweater" really moved me.

    Thanks also for visiting my blog recently.

  3. Dear Kathy,
    Thanks for dropping by my corner of the blogosphere, and for your kind comment. Please come back again.
    All the best,