03 July 2012

The Man Hunt

In Memoriam
Andrew Samuel Griffith
June 1, 1926 – July 3, 2012

lways as a child
I watched and still watch
to build a manhood from black and white parts

the dandy map
with the sticky buttons
that was my map

the squad car
with antenna arc
that was my car

the guitar
on the front porch
that was my guitar

but these were just things
just props just staging
for the real building

the quiet sheriffing
the choir singing
the barney protecting

the aunt bee teasing
the opie instructing
the miss crump courting

and so the show goes on
in my own plans
to 10-4 first

and never to curse
but someday to marry
the county nurse


Special thanks to my daughter Kate who helped take notes in the car on the way home from her Zumba class!

Image: Fair use. Screen shot of "The County Nurse" from season 2, first aired March 19, 1962

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