07 July 2012

Tone: excerpt from installment #4

Tone 1:4

I hate Sundays. Especially late in the day. Bad things happen on Sunday evening. The Wonderful World of Disney really didn’t come on in colour like the advertisement said it would. Not if you have a black and white T.V. What did I know about receptors and decoders and tri-colour reproducers? Give me a break. I was 7 years old. I thought that was the wonderful thing about it– the show would ride in on a full colour horse and make your T.V. a colour T.V. for an hour. You know, just like the fairy with the wand turns the peacock. That explains a lot I guess about my childhood. I was a hopeful romantic. The guys in the Alamo would hold out. Ole Yeller wouldn’t die at the end. The horse with the broken leg wouldn’t get put down. 

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