31 July 2012

Farm Report

J ust don’t say anything until i
finish okay you know we got rained
out on friday so on saturday
we had to play a doubleheader
simpson what’s new has a gimpy arm
and praithor wasn’t ready to start

anyway al couldn’t start against
sellers and tommy was due against
grainville what i really called about
was walker are you still there don’t say
anything well in the second game
i’m sitting in the bullpen our boy

pulling his usual his baby
blues not to be denied no glasses
and he says the tar bothers his face
of course there’s not a blooming cloud in
the sky and carver hits this sinking
liner and walker stands there squinting

so he breaks late and the wrong way you
still there but first walker was frozen
like he was even frightened to move
anyway he breaks the wrong way he’s
half blinded by the sun this is
where it gets are you still listening

this is where it gets really pretty
walker changes directions like he
bounced off a wall he runs and dives and
floats a few inches above the grass
like a pelican skimming for fish
you’ve seen pelicans before i guess

well he’s gliding along like a bird
i can see this white gown washed under
him like a wave i don’t know if i
need a vacation or not so this
wave or train bears him along till he
makes the catch and the crowd goes crazy

he displays the scoop and then the fist
for the groundlings and the organist
about has an epileptic fit
i don’t know if anyone else saw
or not this guardian angel what
else you want me to call it well she

stood cool yeah it was a she so what
well she stands cool as a cucumber
her breast is stained all green while walker
brushes off his immaculate knees
she wipes her sunglasses on her hem
you gonna keep interrupting me

so walker spits in his glove like he’s
about to heal an ump of blindness
well this angel was looking pretty
amused while he adjusted his cup
we’re dead last and they’re alone on top
you still figure we should call him up?

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