14 July 2012

Tone: excerpt from installment #5

Tone 1:5

W e headed back to the Econoline and I cleaned up the baby’s breath from the driver’s side. I had plucked it out at the last minute – why clutter up the magnificent roses. Flackette was a big fan of the gypsophila, but I was more in line with the English Garden school. It was indeed a “gyp,” a filler, watering down the moonshine. I palm-dozed the delicate, already starting to dry, flowers into the center of the seat - on top of the two brown cowhide oranges.

We drove back from Brookline, most of the way, in silence. It was an okay silence. Not the silence of I-wish-somebody-would-say-something silence. Nietzsche, I think, said something about a good wife was somebody you could talk to after the erotic dried up. I’ll take a wife you can sit in silence with, without undue tension. Tone was a good wife.

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  1. Me too.

    Though, I find I very rarely sit in silence unless I'm by myself. I'm a nervous talker. And I'm usually nervous around other people. Calm would be lovely.

    I like the descriptions of the flowers, and the handling of the flowers, here. Also, you bring back the oranges quickly (deftly) with just those four words.

    I like, too, the use of the scientific "gypsophilia" and the brief exploration of its etymology/philosophy/overuse.

    "Tone was a good wife." - Love this line.

    1. Hey Amber,
      Thanks for dropping back by - and for your thoughtful and generous comment. Hope you had a chance to look at the whole installment.

      I'm in Detroit this week. Hope I can keep up the pace.